Digitization is bringing huge changes to our economy and society. Traditional business models are having to make way; new ideas are needed. The demands on the financial industry are also changing.

How the bank of the future marries technology with financial expertise and which partners will help with this.

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Digital Disruption / Opinion

Banks and fintechs: potential partners, rather than competitors From trend to innovation

Gil Perez, Head of Strategy & Innovation Networks at Deutsche Bank, talks about industry trends, the art of innovation and how to bring solutions from fintechs and start-ups into the bank.

Banks and fintechs: potential partners, rather than competitors Potential partners, rather than competitors?

Digital Disruption / Story

The best of both worlds The best from both worlds

Banks are more than just financial service providers. Take a look at how we are developing new services with young tech companies.

The best of both worlds Beyond traditional financial services

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