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The BrandSpace – discover the brand

The first public forum of its kind for a bank brand, the BrandSpace is located in Deutsche Bank’s Group Head Office Towers in Frankfurt. Deutsche’s Towers are one of the most environmentally friendly high rise office buildings in the world. Setting a new standard in openness and transparency, the Towers express the principles and spirit that have placed Deutsche Bank among the most respected and trusted brands in the world today.

The BrandSpace invites everyone with an interest in Deutsche Bank to see the bank, its people and its place in the world in a new light. Dramatic themed installations vividly represent the Deutsche Bank brand in all its dimensions, challenging traditional views and encouraging new perspectives.

Kinetic Logo

Connecting with the brand

Working together, colour, sound and light, choreographed to frame the energy of Deutsche Bank.

288 motors control the movements of 48 choreographed triangles, 2 tons total weight of the “hidden” technology that makes the choreography possible.

Center Board

Explore “Deutsche”

On a surface 6 meters long you can explore the activities of Deutsche Bank. 141 years on some 650 short stories – you navigate yourself. What you always wanted to know about Deutsche Bank – six chapters at a glance: Global reach, Innovation, Performance, Leadership, History, Society.

The Center Board tells of the triumphs, performance and responsibility of the bank – starting with its history and distinguished CEOs through its global presence and innovation all the way to its success and social commitment.

Interactive Logo

People at ‘Deutsche‘

The people behind the brand are revealed, as movements prompt interesting facts about the human side of Deutsche Bank. Become a part of the interactive logo: your silhouette controls the information.

Special Insights

Behind the scenes

Did you know?

Investigate the innovative environmental features of Deutsche Bank’s new headquarters up close and in 3D. The “Animated Book” tells you how the Deutsche Bank Towers save 89% CO2 emission – and more.


Free public access during opening hours:

Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Deutsche Bank Towers,
Taunusanlage 12,
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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Deutsche Bank products & services have been rewarded internationally with numerous outstanding awards.

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