What is accessibility?

Accessible Internet defines online services that can be used without restriction by anyone, regardless of physical or technical ability, including people with physical disabilities or with technical or age-related limitations.

The concept

Our goal is to feature the content on Deutsche Bank’s web pages in such a way that each visitor can easily access the information he or she is looking for.

We customize our content according to users’ needs. Online development will be regularly monitored and optimized towards this goal. We build our websites according to set rules and standards that guarantee the highest possible level of user-friendliness. We continuously check our standards and adapt them to changing demands, based on the feedback we receive from the visitors.

Structure of the Deutsche Bank corporate website

The Deutsche Bank corporate website consists of seven sections:

  • See what Deutsche Bank help make happen for customers and others in the #PositiveImpact section
  • The “Company” section provides an overview on key information concerning Deutsche Bank Group. It describes products and services offered and the organization, including contact addresses worldwide and the bank's strategy.
  • For those who would like to join Deutsche Bank as a staff member, the “Careers” section offers relevant background on issues related with human resources including job application. Find opportunities for you now.
  • The “Media” section is geared towards journalists, but you can find there news, press releases and other useful background information.
  • The “Social Responsibility” section provides an overview on Deutsche Bank’s socialcultural and environmental commitments.
  • Deutsche Bank Research analyses in this section relevant trends in financial markets, the economy and the society and highlights risks and opportunities for the bank and its customers.
  • The “Investor Relations” section offers investors detailed information on investor-related news and events as well as on Deutsche Bank stock performance.

The website’s tools and functions

1) Description of links

ALT Tags in graphics:

Images have ALT Tags describing them. This allows persons with physical or technical limitations to collect the information provided by the image or the respective descriptions using help programs such as a screen readers.

TITLE Tags in links:

Links – including all internal and external links as well as downloadable documents – have a descriptive text.

2) Compliance with standards

The pages of this website were created on the basis of W3C's XHTML 1.0. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) aims to create standards for web design. Deutsche Bank strives to fulfil level AA of its WCAG 2.2 recommendations for digital accessibility.

Tell us what you think

Please inform us of any problems you might encounter using our website. We will be happy to consider your suggestions and comments to better align our services with your needs.