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It’s why we come to work.

To help create better, more successful companies.

To enable all kinds of businesses to get off the ground, expand, and reach further.

So people can take care of the future, for themselves and for their families.

To enable economic growth and societal progress.


Inside out

Our employees use our internal #PositiveImpact hub to share their stories of positive impact. We asked our employees how their job realised their childhood ambitions, here’s what they said:

Sarah Withecombe Group Communications, London
When I was younger I wanted to read law with German, so that I could practice as a lawyer, specialising in aspects of German law. I guess working at Deutsche Bank means I kept part of my ambition alive!
Tim Baros Institutional Cash Sales & Client Management, Global Transaction Banking, London
Journalism was my interest! I worked at CBS News in NYC in the 80's and was the editor of NYC's Gay Pride Magazine in the 90's. I still write/edit in my spare time (film/theatre/restaurants), and in my last role at DB I created client communications.
Christian Sewing CEO Deutsche Bank AG
My childhood ambition was to become a sports journalist. And when I now reflect on my role at Deutsche Bank, in a way my dream became true as it is the sports spirit, the teamwork and also the communication skills that are crucial for my work every day.
Trade finance

Helping Burda improve access to education

The textbooks that Burda prints in India support economic development in Africa


What can turn a dream into reality?

People in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London and New York share their dreams and what it takes to achieve them.

We need to demonstrate the value of what we do, that we are a bank whose business is productive, meaningful and sustainable.

Christian Sewing Chief Executive Officer
Payment clearing

A better quality of life

AEON Credit wants to use consumer finance to increase financial inclusion throughout Indonesia
The inside story

We are a global bank with a local heritage

Shampi Chopra Wealth Management
The inside story

With a smartphone, I can always be there for my clients

Joachim Kalb Private & Commercial Bank
Corporate finance

Enabling independent lives with Cyberdyne

Japanese company Cyberdyne’s international expansion will give more people access to its pioneering work in healthcare robotics 

The inside story

We’re here when they need us

Vanessa Tietz Private & Commercial Bank
We asked 400 people from around the world:

How do your dreams make you feel?

Source: Deutsche Bank Communications & CSR
The inside story

Digitalisation is not about devices. It’s about people

Fabio Ognibene Private & Commercial Bank
Payment services

Twenty-first century train travel with Rock Rail

Rock Rail’s ambition is to modernise the UK’s rail infrastructure, through state-of-the-art trains and financing 

We asked 400 people from around the world:

What’s your biggest dream in life?

Source: Deutsche Bank Communications & CSR
Banking for startups

Making it easier to learn new languages with Babbel

The next ambition for tech startup Babbel is to go global

“We created a new brand purpose for today’s world”

Lareena Hilton
Global Head of Brand Communications and CSR 

The inside story

It’s important to take a step back sometimes and think about what we’re doing

Craig Smith Global Transaction Banking
We asked 400 people from around the world:

Where would you like to be five years from now?

Source: Deutsche Bank Communications & CSR