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Deutsche Bank has submitted a Corporate Responsibility Report every year since 2002. The criteria of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) serve as our orientation for weighting of thematic areas and collection of key figures.
Moreover, we provide research and publications to topics related to our commitment and projects.

Latest report

CR Report 2013

Corporate Respon­sibility: Report 2013

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Corporate Responsibility reports

Corporate Social Responsibility. Report 2013

Report 2013


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Corporate Social Responsibility. Report 2005

Report 2005

Corporate Responsibility. Report 2012

Report 2012


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Report 2004

Corporate Social Responsibility. Report 2011

Report 2011


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Corporate Social Responsibility. Report 2003

Report 2003


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Corporate Cultural Affairs. Report 2002

Report 2002

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Deutsche Bank – acting sustainably

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Deutsche Bank – acting sustainably

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