Human rights as guiding principle

Deutsche Bank is fully committed to its responsibilities to respect human rights. It is an integral part of our values and beliefs which are at the core of all we aspire to do and are designed to ensure we conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with high ethical standards. We must be guided by what is right, not just by what is allowed.

It is a complex task to comprehensively meet the requirements of all recommendations, guidelines, principles and standards related to human rights. We aim to continually improve our approach to, and the internal guidance on, human rights issues. A number of our core internal policies, including the Deutsche Bank Code of Conduct as well as our policies and guidelines like our Environmental and Social Policy Framework, reflect our commitment to respect human rights.

Our approach to human rights endorses international standards and guidelines such as:

It covers all dimensions of our business ? from client transactions to interaction with vendors and service providers and to how we treat our own employees. Our principle is not to engage in any activities or business relationships where there is clear evidence of human rights’ violations.

Respecting human rights and combatting human trafficking and modern slavery as a global bank is a highly complex subject and requires us to continually broaden our knowledge and review our policies and related due diligence processes. Remaining abreast of the latest insights and developments demands that we proactively and regularly scrutinize our policies and procedures, with input from our stakeholders. Therefore, we actively participate in:

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