Born to Be: the Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme


Life changing

Since 2014, our Born to Be youth engagement Programme has helped change the lives of more than 3 million young people through over 238 education-led projects in 29 countries.

By developing skills, raising aspirations and providing access to opportunities, Born to Be helps young people everywhere to reach their full potential.

Watch our video to see Born to Be in action around the world.

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Near and far

Born to Be is life changing in an increasing number of places. In each location we target issues affecting young people’s futures. The projects draw on common themes and support for young people around the world.

We've created seven short films to showcase some of the programmes Born to Be supports:

  • Berliner Philharmoniker - Life changing in the community

    In Germany, our partnership with the <i>Berliner Philharmoniker</i> takes classical music out of the concert hall and makes it accessible to broader audiences. The Education Programme invites young people to discover music through performance, which gives them the confidence to push their boundaries.

  • Playing Shakespeare - Life changing beyond school

    In the UK, our <i>Playing Shakespeare</i> with Deutsche Bank project supports academic achievement by giving state schools free access to performances and other learning resources.

  • Strive - Life changing across the US

    In the US, we are working with <i>Strive for College</i> to make it possible for deserving students, regardless of background, to get a college degree that can lead to lifelong success.

  • Design Ventura - Life changing through skills

    In the UK, our <i>Design Ventura</i> project encourages creative and enterprise skills that can open up many career paths for young people, including building a business of their own.

  • Life changing in Tokyo

    In Japan, our partnership with a Tokyo children’s home supports young people who have grown up in care. Deutsche Bank volunteers help prepare these young people to live independently, providing role models and access to the world of work.

  • ChoirFest - Life changing through aspirations

    In the Middle East, the <i>ChoirFest</i> project empowers young people from across the region. The experience of performing in public gives these young men and women the confidence and courage to pursue their dreams.

  • Sporteducate - Life changing for Josh

    In the UK, our <i>sporteducate</i> project works with grass roots sports clubs to inspire young people who are struggling at school.

  • Born to Be - Lifechanging through skills (Singapore)

    In Singapore, special needs children from the Rainbow Centre benefit from the <i>Deutsche Bank-Singapore Chinese Orchestra Music Programme</i> which helps develop their motor and listening skills, allowing them a chance to perform on stage.

Personal stories

Born to Be is life changing for real people. Click on one of the tabs below to read their story.

  • Esra.jpg
    Life changing for Esra

    Esra is the first in her family to go to university

  • Josh.jpg
    Life changing for Josh

    Josh is enabling students to follow in his footsteps: all the way to college

  • Mario.jpg
    Life changing for Mario

    Mario is building his personal brand to help him access a challenging job market.

  • Diepsloot.jpg
    Life changing in Diepsloot

    Rebecca is teaching a skill that can be lifechanging: English literacy

  • Estefania.jpg
    Life changing for Estefania

    Estefania is pursuing her ambition to work in the art world.


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