Why do we support enterprise?

Enterprise plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of communities around the world. Through history, entrepreneurs have led the way in answering unmet needs. An emerging breed of entrepreneur is using the enterprise model to address issues in society. From developed to developing world, socially-motivated entrepreneurs and organisations that support social entrepreneurship are providing new ways to tackle poverty, unemployment, inequality, deprivation and other challenges that limit prospects and quality of life. They are creating change on a local, national and international scale. In Europe alone, one in four new start-ups is a social business. Yet as many as 80% of start-ups do not survive beyond 18 months (Bloomberg, 2013) and the hurdles are even greater for businesses with social goals.

Business knowledge and skills and connections to others can help them build momentum and capacity. They need funding too, but early-stage ventures find it hardest to attract investors. Continuing Deutsche Bank’s long history of championing initiatives that drive positive change in society, we created our global enterprise programme, Made for Good, to help these pioneers succeed.


As many as 80% of start-ups do not survive beyond 18 months

Bloomberg, 2013

What are we doing to help?

Supporting entrepreneurial ventures that create wider social good is a natural extension of what Deutsche Bank does for businesses of every size and purpose, every day, all over the world.

Our global enterprise programme Made for Good draws on this experience to help start-ups and early-stage enterprises — microenterprises, non-profits and commercial businesses — build momentum and capacity.

We provide assistance when these businesses need it most. To equip them to be sustainable in the long run, we focus on their readiness for investment, networks and operating systems and access to funding.

The talents of our employees are at the heart of the support we provide. Employee volunteers advise on business planning, strategy and funding sources, nurture skills and use their personal networks to connect entrepreneurs to others who can help.

We are an advocate for these entrepreneurs too. We use our profile as a global institution to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship and its value to society.

How we build momentum and capacity


— Help with business planning and strategy
— Skills development
— Business mentoring


— Affordable office space
— Network building
— Connections to peers and supporters


— Grant assistance
— Commercial loans
— Crowdfunding
— Investors

Where do we focus?

The themes of our Made for Good programme target the areas of greatest impact for social entrepreneurship around the world.

Social enterprise

— local, national and global social and economic



— grassroots action
— job creation
— invigoration of local economies

Technology and innovation

— new solutions to social and environmental problems

Developing World

— routes out of poverty
— basic necessities
— social equalities

arts and creative organisations

— economic growth
— social cohesion
— vibrant and diverse communities

Made for Good projects

Made for Good achievements in 2016 – 2019


Over 19,200 social enterprises supported in more than 30 countries


About 940,000 people reached


In 2019, some 14,000 hours of support from Deutsche Bank employees

Our goal is to reach a total of 20,000 enterprises by 2020.

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