Report Misconduct

At Deutsche Bank, we have a responsibility to our clients, investors, communities and to each other. We earn the trust of all our stakeholders by acting with integrity and holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards, which is reflected within Deutsche Bank’s Code of Conduct. Staff members are encouraged to speak up using intranet facilities which provide comprehensive information on how to raise concerns though different escalation channels.

Should you become aware of any of our employees or individuals acting on behalf of Deutsche Bank engaging in acts of misconduct such as breaches of laws, regulations or industry codes of conduct, including environmental or human rights related concerns along the supply chain of Deutsche Bank, you can help us by reporting your concerns via email to: For any other types of concerns that you may wish to raise, please contact your relationship manager or client service officer.

You are not obliged to identify yourself when making a report, with all reports received handled in confidence by our Whistleblowing Central Function and where necessary, by investigation teams for appropriate action.