Group Executive Committee

The Group Executive Committee was established in 2002. It comprises the members of the Management Board, senior representatives from regions, businesses and infrastructure functions appointed by the Management Board. The Group Executive Committee serves as a tool to coordinate our businesses and regions through the following tasks and responsibilities: Provision of ongoing information to the Management Board on business developments and particular transactions, regular review of our business segments, consultation with and furnishing advice to the Management Board on strategic decisions and preparation of decisions to be made by the Management Board. 

Jürgen Fitschen

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Anshu Jain

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Krause

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Strategy & Organisational Development

Stephan Leithner

Chief Executive Officer Europe (except Germany and UK), Human Resources, Compliance, Government & Regulatory Affairs

Stuart Lewis

Chief Risk Officer

Rainer Neske

Head of Private & Business Clients

Henry Ritchotte

Chief Operating Officer

Christian Sewing

Head of Legal, Incident Management Group and Group Audit

Jacques Brand

Chief Executive Officer of North America

Fabrizio Campelli

Head of Group Strategy

Gunit Chadha

Co-Chief Executive Officer of Asia/Pacific

Alan Cloete

Co-Chief Executive Officer of Asia/Pacific

Michele Faissola

Head of Asset & Wealth Management

Colin Fan

Co-Head of Corporate Banking & Securities and Head of Markets

Nadine Faruque

Global Head of Compliance

David Folkerts-Landau

Chief Economist

Colin Grassie

Chief Executive Officer of the UK

Sylvie Matherat

Global Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs

Christian Ricken

Chief Operating Officer of Private & Business Clients

Marcus Schenck

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Werner Steinmüller

Head of Global Transaction Banking

Richard Walker

General Counsel

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