Media Release October 29, 2015

Deutsche Bank reports third quarter 2015 net loss of EUR 6.0 billion after specific items

Key developments

Impact of specific items, largely non tax-deductible, totaling EUR 7.6 billion, comprising:

  • Revenue impact of EUR 649 million from impairment of the 19.99% stake in Hua Xia Bank
  • Noninterest expense impact of EUR 7.0 billion: impairment of goodwill and other intangible assets of EUR 5.8 billion
  • Litigation charges of EUR 1.2 billion

Before goodwill/intangibles impairment, costs down by EUR 322 million FX adjusted

Litigation reserves increased by EUR 1 billion to EUR 4.8 billion

CET1 ratio of 11.5% includes introduction of Prudent Valuation (PruVal)

RWA reduced by EUR 8 billion to EUR 408 billion vs. 2Q2015


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