News September 29, 2017

Deutsche Bank wins the Best Cash Management Provider award

for the 6th consecutive year

For the sixth year in succession Euromoney magazine has named Deutsche Bank Best Cash Management Provider for Corporates in its domestic German market and in Western Europe. The Bank also won No.1 positions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

“We would like to express our gratitude to our clients, whom we have to thank for these awards. We intend to continue bolstering our Cash Management advisory and service portfolio as well as investing in this business in order to extend this run of success”, explained Lothar Meenen, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Corporate Cash Management Sales.

This year’s Euromoney survey attracted validated votes from 26,000 corporates and 2,500 financial institutions. Respondents were asked to indicate which three banks they use the most for their cash management services. They were then asked to rate their providers on a scale of one (poor) to seven (excellent) across the services they offer.
Highlights of Corporate survey results:


  • Deutsche Bank remains in No.3 position as International Cash Management Provider of Choice


  • No.1 in Western Europe (6th consecutive year)
  • No.2 in Australasia (No.3 in 2016)
  • No.4 in Asia (No.6 in 2016)
  • No.6 in Central & Eastern Europe (No.4 in 2016)
  • No.8 in Middle East (No.11 in 2016)
  • No.9 in Latin America (No.9 in 2016)


  • No.1 in Germany (6th consecutive year )
  • No.1 in Belgium (2nd consecutive year) 
  • No.1 in Netherlands
  • No.1 in Philippines (No.2 in 2016)
  • No.2 in Austria  (No.2 in 2016)
  • No.2 in India (No.2 in 2016)
  • No.2 in Sri Lanka
  • No.2 in South Korea (No.2 in 2016)
  • No.3 in Malaysia (No.5 in 2016)
  • No.3 in Vietnam (No.5 in 2016)


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