News March 7, 2018

Statement on ICAN report "Don't bank on the bomb"

In its recent report “Don’t bank on the bomb“, the non-governmental organisation ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons) ( ) asserts that Deutsche Bank is involved in the financing of nuclear weapons.

Deutsche Bank has certain minimum standards in relation to the defence industry which must be adhered to in relation to any action, transaction or inaction. In summary, the bank will not:

  • Consider any involvement in transactions connected with specific types of weapons, in particular antipersonnel landmines, cluster munitions (as per the Group Cluster Munitions Policy), or chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons (“CBRN weapons”).
  • Typically undertake any defence-related transaction in a Special Risk Country, where the product/service is in scope, with the exception of humanitarian or medical equipment, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Typically undertake any defence-related transaction in a Very High Risk Country or High Risk Country where the underlying user is the military or police. Any exceptions to this will require a clear rationale and mitigating factors.
    Deutsche Bank maintains business relations with large multinational conglomerates. We pay strict attention to ensuring we enter into such relations only with those areas of the businesses that have nothing to do with nuclear, bio and chemical weapons, cluster munitions or landmines etc.

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