Research January 14, 2021

Podzept: Biden’s First 100 Days

In the latest Podzept from Deutsche Bank Research, Chief US Economist Matthew Luzzetti together with Frank Kelly, Head of Government Affairs and host Matt Barnard, Director of North America Company Research, look ahead to President Elect Biden’s first 100 days with Democratic control of the House, the Senate and the White House, including: 

  • Our revised economic forecast after Democrats won both senate seats in the Georgia runoffs. What will the next fiscal stimulus package look like and when will it pass?
  • The potential for a new infrastructure bill under Biden. How much will the new administration spend? Can the country afford it given all the COVID-19 relief measures that already passed?
  • With continued deficit spending fueling a stronger economic outlook, we have seen Treasury yields starting to move higher. How will inflation evolve this year and will it impact monetary policy?
  • Other key items that may be part of the Biden’s first 100 days.

Visit the Research site to hear the full episode.


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