News December 10, 2021

Top ten themes for 2022

What are the key topics for 2022? Will Covid still be the main concern? In their latest report, Deutsche Bank Research and Luke Templeman expect the pandemic to serve as the backdrop against which big themes in economics, finance and corporates will develop.

The new report addresses the big macro topics: the risk of stimulus measures causing the global economy to overheat, tight labour markets further increasing inflation; and central banks changing their attitude towards employment goals.


In the coming year, corporates have new problems – in addition to labour shortages. For two decades, rising profit margins and cheap debt have been generating returns. Both those things may reverse in 2022.

ESG topics have been turbo-charged by the Covid pandemic; ESG bonds stand to be next year’s big winner.

Away from the spotlight, several other themes could have serious repercussions in 2022. One is that central bank digital currencies are likely to take a massive step forward.

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