News October 21, 2022

New accessibility tool

For users with visual disabilities

New features for users with visual impairment

A new tool allows you to freely adapt the website content according to your visual needs. The tool currently includes 25 functions. Those functions cover most widely used accessibility features, like:

  • web page navigation with speech output (screen reader),
  • colour correction, to compensate for colour weaknesses like red/green deficiency or tritanomaly,
  • adaptive zoom, to enlarge the font without changing the page structure in the browser,
  • magnifying glass function,
  • contrast mode, to adjust font size and background colour for best contrast,
  • font choice, to allow a font with better readability
  • blue filter, to protect the eyes. It can be set based on time or sun position,
  • night mode: to adjust the contrast to a desired level,
  • larger mouse cursor,
  • image hiding.

The tool also works on mobile web browsers. It is currently available in 26 languages

How do I launch it?

You can use the tool on every page of this website in clicking this symbol in the toolbar.


You can also test it directly with this link for example.

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