Preservation of sensitive, protected sites

Deutsche Bank has a long track record of supporting environmental sustainability and takes the preservation of sensitive, protected sites very seriously.

Deutsche Bank’s Environmental and Social Reputational Risk Framework (ES Framework) requires environmental and social due diligence as an integral part of the approval process for doing business. This process needs to be followed also, and especially, for transactions in the extractive industry and infrastructure. It employs sector-specific guidelines that also help identify appropriate mitigation actions where possible.

Deutsche Bank has established a clear position on transactions in connection with activities in or close proximity to World Heritage Sites. According to this, Deutsche Bank does not support activities unless there is a prior consensus between the government and UNESCO that the planned activities do not place the outstanding universal value of the site at risk.

Statement regarding Dakota Access Pipeline

We would like to point out: Deutsche Bank is not involved in financing the “Dakota Access Pipeline” project. The bank is not part of the consortium financing the pipeline. Like many other banks, financial services companies and suppliers of the oil and gas industry, we maintain business relationships with many companies involved in this project. To conclude, based on this, Deutsche Bank is financing the Dakota Access Pipeline is not correct.

We are fully aware that as the biggest bank in Germany we have an important role and we take our responsibilities very seriously. On average, we assess more than 1,000 transactions and companies each year based on environmental and social factors.

UNESCO buildings
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