November 27, 2017

Deutsche Bank opens up interface to app providers

- Deutsche Bank accelerates its platform business
- Interface allows external partners to develop personalised apps and services
- Bank clients will be allowed to personally determine extent of data use

Deutsche Bank is accelerating the development of its platform business by opening up its Deutsche Bank Application Programming Interface (dpAPI) following a one-year test phase. The interface allows businesses, from start-ups to established brand-name players, to access real client data so that they can offer personalised applications to the bank’s clients. Each application requires clients to expressly request the use of their data.

“dbAPI allows Deutsche Bank to offer its clients a wide range of innovative, bank-related services that also go far beyond traditional banking. By including external partners, the bank is accelerating the speed of innovation when it comes to expanding its digital platform business, allowing us to tap into new sources of revenue,” says Markus Pertlwieser, Chief Digital Officer in Deutsche Bank’s Private, Wealth and Commercial Clients division.

Finanzguru, an app developed by the Frankfurt-based fintech dwins, is a first example. Deutsche Bank clients can connect the app with their accounts to receive personalised savings and finance tips. By connecting to the client’s bank account, the app is able to identify current contracts and subscriptions and recommend less expensive alternatives. With the user’s consent, it also takes care of the switch. In addition to app providers from the financial world, Deutsche Bank also has its sights set on other sectors and is already in talks with potential partners.

“Through dbAPI, Deutsche Bank makes it possible for its clients to intelligently and securely use their bank data for digital services from third-party providers. In doing so, we offer a new, contemporary approach to banking,” says Joris Hensen, who founded Deutsche Bank’s API programme.

Deutsche Bank goes beyond the statutory minimum standards (PSD 2), which are set to take effect soon, and combines clients’ data sovereignty with the principle of data economy by only making as much data available as is truly necessary.

Demand is high: over 1,000 developers have already registered through the developer portal. Businesses can apply to work with real customer data after an approval process of no more than 14 days, provided they meet the bank’s high data and security standards. Businesses interested in this offer can visit the developer portal to register and get in touch with the dbAPI team. More information is available at


About dbAPI
The Deutsche Bank Application Programming Interface (dbAPI) is the technical basis of Deutsche Bank’s platform business (open banking). dbAPI is the bank’s way of accelerating its speed of innovation and developing a new business model featuring innovative, bank-related products and services that also go far beyond traditional banking.

dbAPI enables the bank to include external partners, thereby quickly and securely expanding the range of digital products and services it offers clients. Following verification, dbAPI gives businesses – from start-ups to established brand-name players – access to individual client data, allowing them to develop and enhance new personalised apps or existing software products while keeping Deutsche Bank’s clients in complete control of their personal data at all times. Clients can decide for themselves whether they want to allow an external partner of the bank to access their data in return for the use of personalised digital services.