December 7, 2018

DWS follows Facebook and Netflix in releasing open source library to revolutionise app development

DWS-developed code, which helps to power the DWS Investment app, is being made open source

DWS has made its first significant public open source release with a comprehensive solution to the problem of data access that causes slow data loading on screens in web and mobile applications.

Code-named “Muster” (logo, pictured at left), the library acts as a universal data layer for applications and services. Within DWS, the code is used by our external and internal web, iOS and Android apps, such as the DWS Investment app, launched this year. It enables fast retrieval of all information required by the DWS Investment app, running on Android or iOS devices. This means that anyone building native and web apps can easily request data or access streaming data. For example, this could be utilised in an institutional client app that monitors performance and risk for a portfolio.

Because the code is publicly available – following the approach of tech giants such as Facebook and Netflix – developers can suggest improvements, contribute new features and find innovative new uses for the software. This is fed back into the open source community making the application even more useful for everyone.

The move to release the code into the open source community underpins DWS’s digital ambitions, particularly as it aims to modernise, simplify and standardise its technology.

As Adam Iley, Head of Development & Emerging Technology at DWS, explains, Muster offers unparalleled flexibility when managing client-side state and data requirements, and seamlessly handles communication between apps and external services.

“The result is a new framework that offers a reactive, declarative and powerful view of as much or as little data as applications require,” he explains. “Muster has been a huge boon for our web and native applications. I’m excited to see what the community will do with it.”

The code can be accessed via the GitHub platform.