January 31, 2019

Navigate the markets with “Podzept” from Deutsche Bank Research

New podcast series delivers insights on the go

Podzept, a new podcast series from Deutsche Bank Research launches today with episodes available on the Deutsche Bank Research website. Podzept showcases Deutsche Bank’s top thought leaders sharing their insights on some of the most pressing themes facing the global economy.


The latest broadcast features Peter Hooper, Global Head of Economics, and Frank Kelly, Managing Director and Head of Government & Public Affairs Americas and former writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush discussing US politics with the US facing a period of divided government following the mid-term elections. Other episodes include Zhiwei Zhang, Chief Economist and Head of Equity Strategy China, explaining the trade war and China’s foreign policies and Andy Moniz, Chief Data Scientist for Quant Research, on how Big Data can quantify geopolitical risk.

In February, Jim Reid, Global Head of Fundamental Credit Strategy and Thematic Research, will examine how unique events, waves of populism and social unrest, have often occurred through history, a topic covered in the latest edition of Konzept, the flagship publication of Deutsche Bank Research.

Podzept is publically available via the DB Research website, dbresearch.com/podzept – bookmark the page and don’t forget to subscribe.