December 7, 2005

125 Years Deutsche Bank Share on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Exactly 125 years ago, on December 8, 1880, the Deutsche Bank share was quoted for the first time on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. No other DAX company has been present for such a long time with the same name on the Frankfurt bourse.

After Berlin, Frankfurt am Main was the second financial centre at which the bank's bearer securities were traded. In Berlin, the Deutsche Bank share had already been admitted to official trading on the Berlin Stock Exchange two months after the bank was founded and four weeks after the commencement of business. The financial press published a price quotation for Deutsche Bank for the first time on May 12, 1870: at 100 ½ per cent, the share was traded slightly over par. By the end of 1870, the price had risen to 108 per cent. At that time, stock market prices were quoted solely in per cent, as various share denominations were customary.

In contrast to Berlin, the traditional emphasis in Frankfurt was on trading in government bonds. Step by step, however, shares of banks and railway companies were also listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Deutsche Bank's management, which kept a careful watch on this development, finally decided at the end of 1880 that the time had come to list the bank's share on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange: "A firm stance", was how the press described developments on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on that December 8, and, referring to bank shares, it was reported that "there was brisk trading in Deutsche Bank, which gained roughly one per cent". To be precise, the price rose from 150 ¾ to 151 ¾ per cent during this successful première.

By 1914, the Deutsche Bank share had also been listed on the stock exchanges in Leipzig, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Bremen and Breslau. They were joined by further regional stock exchanges in the 1920s and '30s. After the Second World War, Frankfurt established itself as the leading banking and stock exchange centre in the Federal Republic. Turnover in the Deutsche Bank share on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange far exceeded volumes at the other trading centres. There was little change in this respect when the share was gradually introduced at foreign bourses: 1974 in Paris, 1976 in London, 1978 in Brussels, 1989 in Tokyo, and most recently 2001 in New York.

Even after 125 years, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is still the most important trading centre for the Deutsche Bank share. An average of 3.7 million Deutsche Bank shares are traded daily on Deutsche Börse's Xetra electronic securities trading system. The share's overall entire stock exchange turnover amounted to € 135.8 billion (Xetra and Frankfurt floor trading) in the first 11 months of this year


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