December 7, 2010

Deutsche Bank donates $100,000 to Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Southern Opera and enables education program for 1500 Cantabrian kids

Deutsche Bank is pleased to announce its NZ$100,000 donation to the September earthquake relief will go to the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Southern Opera, two important cultural pillars of the Christchurch community with acclaimed outreach education programs.

Deutsche Bank Chairman Australia and New Zealand John Macfarlane said, “Deutsche Bank has a long-standing commitment to New Zealand which was strengthened earlier this year through our strategic alliance and 49.9% equity stake in Craigs Investment Partners, one of the country’s largest investment firms with a significant presence in Christchurch.

“Deutsche Bank’s experience in disaster relief has taught us that once the initial devastation has been dealt with, there’s still a need to provide support to the people of the affected communities, which is why we are supporting a special education initiative for the children of Christchurch for the first time.”

Deutsche Bank’s support directly enables the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Southern Opera to continue with their education programs which work to enrich and educate communities throughout the South Island. In particular, this donation will facilitate a special education initiative in primary schools in Christchurch badly affected by the earthquake. The interactive musical program will see musicians from both the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Southern Opera working collaboratively to introduce up to 1500 children to the restorative power of music in an accessible manner at a time when morale may be low.

Macfarlane said, “This special education initiative exposes the children of Christchurch to the positive force of music. By connecting children with the musicians from the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Southern Opera, we hope to provide them with some relief at this difficult time and offer them a more positive end to the year.

“Our donation also allows us to link two of Deutsche Bank’s major CSR commitments – education and music – to the wider and long-term benefit of the Christchurch community.”

James Caygill, Chief Executive Officer of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra and Southern Opera, said, “We place a lot of importance on our role in music education through our established education and outreach programs and the work our players and singers conduct within the community.

“After the events of recent months, we are delighted that with assistance from Deutsche Bank we can extend these programs to these schools and spread a little cheer through the art of music.”

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in attending, please contact Camilla Herring or Michelle Rousse so your name can be registered and the school/s informed.

Photographs from the event will be made available.

For further information, please call:

Deutsche Bank AG 
Camilla Herring
Phone: +61 (0) 410 518 740

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra 
Michelle Rousse
Phone: +64 (0) 3 378 3733
E- Mail:


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