August 11, 2008

Deutsche Bank ETF’s raise EUR 15 billion assets in 18 months

db x-trackers – Deutsche Bank’s Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) platform, has raised more than EUR 15 billion of assets in 18 months since in the launch of the platform in January 2007. Deutsche Bank is now the third largest ETF provider in Europe by assets under management with a market share of more than 14 per cent*. Never before an ETF provider grew that fast.

“One interesting aspect of our growth is that we raised our assets under management by over EUR 7.2 billion in the first six month of 2008, which makes us the clear European leader in terms of assets inflow.” commented Thorsten Michalik, head of db x-trackers at Deutsche Bank.

Based on the semi-annual report of the “Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V“, db x-trackers had the highest asset inflow of all German investment companies in 2008.

“With our product range we are well prepared for the growing demand after tax optimized investment funds. I am very confident that the introduction of the capital gain compensation tax in 2009 will help our platform continue to grow rapidly,” says Michalik.

Since the launch in early 2007 db x-trackers released 86 ETFs with 240 listings in Germany, UK, France, Italy and Switzerland. In the second half of 2008 db x-trackers will expand their business to Asia by introducing their ETFs in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The European ETF market consists of 29 ETF providers, featuring 497 ETFs with 1,627 different listings. The Assets under management in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in Europe were 107.62 billion € at the end of July 2008. Furthermore the current average management fee was equal to 33 basis points*.

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*The statistics quoted above have been sourced from the weekly research reports “European Listed Exchange Traded Funds – ETF Liquidity Trends” by Nizam Hamid and Yvonne Sandford in the Portfolio & Index Strategy Team and “Exchange Traded Funds – Industry Snapshots” reports from Deborah Fuhr at Morgan Stanley.

db x-trackers – Deutsche Bank Exchange Traded Funds

Since their launch in January 2007, Deutsche Bank has raised over EUR 10 billion of assets across all asset classes for the db x-trackers respectively db x-trackers II ETF platform establishing Deutsche Bank as the third largest ETF provider in Europe by assets and product range.  During 2007, db x-trackers respectively db x-trackers II ETFs had the highest inflow in assets among all ETFs providers in Europe and had the three products with the highest inflows of new assets - MSCI Emerging Markets Index, the EONIA Money Market ETF and the DJ EURO STOXX 50. The db x-trackers fixed income ETF range accounted for over 50% of all new inflows for that asset class in Europe. 

With more than 86 products, the db x-trackers ETFs product range covers various asset classes of Equity, Bond, Credit, Currency, Money Market and Commodity indices. These include innovative products such as the first ETFs on short indices, ETFs on CDS indices, emerging markets such as Vietnam as well as the first ETFs tracking overnight money market rates.

The db x-trackers ETFs are listed on multiple stock exchanges across Europe – Euronext Paris, Borsa Italiana, Frankfurt Xetra, London Stock Exchange and SWX Swiss Exchange l and supported by a number of market makers providing liquidity in the ETFs. 
The db x-trackers ETFs are sub-funds of the db x-trackers and db x-trackers II SICAVs,  umbrella fund investment companies domiciled in Luxembourg. The sub-funds comply with the relevant European fund regulations relating to undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS III).
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