April 13, 2010

Deutsche Bank expands algorithmic platform to reach Dublin, Athens and Johannesburg

Deutsche Bank’s global electronic trading platform autobahn® Equity has begun offering professional clients access to algorithmic trading strategies on the Dublin, Athens and Johannesburg stock exchange.

autobahn® Equity is Deutsche Bank’s global electronic trading platform delivering smarter liquidity solutions to over 60 trading venues globally.

Strategies include: 

  • Stealth, an opportunistic strategy that trades with minimum information leakage
  • Target Close, a sophisticated strategy designed to minimise deviation from the close price by balancing closing auction participation impact with intraday trading risk and
  • Implementation shortfall: designed to minimise slippage from arrival price by trading to a dynamic schedule that balances market impact and risk.

All strategies utilise Deutsche Bank’s proprietary quantitative models and are customisable to allow configuration to reflect your specific trading style.

Head of Autobahn Equity Europe, Andrew Morgan said: “Deutsche Bank’s local expertise and presence in these markets is a major advantage when providing algorithmic services to clients,” commenting “We are continuing to strengthen our market-leading global platform.”

For further information, please call:

Deutsche Bank AG                

Stacey Coglan                        
+44 (0) 207 545 8226        

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