July 23, 2007

Deutsche Bank increases capital in Thailand to expand business

Deutsche Bank today announced that it has increased its capital in its Bangkok Branch by THB9,500 million (~ EUR 204 million) to a new total of THB 18,000 million (~EUR 387 million) due to significant expansion of its business in Thailand.

“This significant increase clearly demonstrates the potential we see in the Thai market and we will use the funds to build out our already highly successful local business. We see Thailand as an important growth market for us in the Asia Pacific region, where our business has been posting record revenues,” said Colin Grassie, Chief Executive of Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific.

“The new capital is to support the expansion of our Global Markets business, particularly the growth in FX and Derivatives volumes, as well as supporting the growth of our Private Wealth Management and Transaction Banking businesses. The increase is a strong indication of our commitment to Thailand and the health of our business here,” said Rags Raghavan, Deutsche Bank’s Chief Country Officer in Thailand.

Deutsche Bank has been a strong participant in local markets since its business was established in 1978. It employs over 140 people and has played an important role as a global counterparty in local markets, as well as a conduit for international investors and in facilitating the development of new market product.

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