May 19, 2008

Deutsche Bank launches Administrative Agent Services for Project Financings

Deutsche Bank’s Trust & Securities Services (TSS) business, part of its Global Transaction Banking division, has hired William Marder as a Director to head a new Administrative Agent Services group. Marder and the group are based in New York and report into Kevin Plein, Head of TSS's Global Debt Services business in the US.

The group will act as Administrative Agent for bank syndicates lending into project finance transactions in the oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and power generation sectors including renewable energy projects. The Administrative Agent Services group will provide comprehensive covenant monitoring to ensure full borrower compliance with governing documents including provisions related to budget, base case, insurance, security arrangements, Events of Default and general covenant compliance.

Marder, formerly of Fortis Capital Corp and GE Engergy Financial Services, has extensive experience in all aspects of portfolio management. He has served in the Administrative Agent role on many complex project finance transactions and has represented bank syndicates in workouts and restructurings.

“Our team of professionals will provide best-in-class Administrative Agent services to bank syndicates involved in the most complex project finance transactions,” said Plein. “In addition to taking Administrative Agent appointments on new project finance deals, we will also act as successor Administrative Agent on existing transactions.”

Trust & Securities Services currently provides Collateral Agent, Account Bank and other roles on over 200 project finance transactions throughout the world.

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