August 5, 2009

Deutsche Bank launches autobahnFX Algo

Deutsche Bank has launched a new highly advanced FX execution tool, called autobahnFX Algo, which will allow clients to control how they time and price large orders with greater levels of precision, efficiency, flexibility and transparency than ever previously offered.

Ian O’Flaherty, global head of FX e-commerce at Deutsche Bank, said: “Clients can now decide in advance exactly how large orders will be executed: in what size, what frequency and at what spreads. They can see, second by second, how their order is progressing and can stop, pause or amend trades at the click of a button if market moves become unfavourable during execution.”

autobahnFX Algo offers three different execution strategies: Limit Order+, Slicer and Limit Order Slicer:

  • Limit Order+ is designed for clients who want to achieve a particular price on their trades with a chance of improvement in price
  • Slicer is designed for clients who want to get the best possible price with minimal market impact. By splitting their orders into a number of smaller orders and then "drip-feeding them into the market, clients can reduce the impact the whole order has on the market
  • Limit Order Slicer allows clients to trade using a Slicer but with the added ability to leave orders during the execution period to capitalise on any favourable market moves.

autobahnFX Algo also allows clients to receive e-mail and SMS notifications when an order begins and ends, or if it paused or amended at any time.

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