March 31, 2009

Deutsche Bank's award winning CROCI funds see 33% rise in inflows since beginning of 2009

Deutsche Bank’s award-winning Fund Solutions platform has seen over Euro 300 million of inflows into its range of CROCI (“Cash Return On Capital Invested”) equity funds for a rise of 33% since the beginning of 2009, as investors take advantage of the alpha generating potential that the CROCI funds offer.

The funds have also recently experienced a string of successes in the Lipper fund awards across Europe in recognition of innovation and performance in the funds space. The awards include the ‘Equity Group Large’ award in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg, based on the performance of Deutsche Bank's suite of equity funds over the past three years, and the ‘Equity Eurozone’ award in Switzerland and the Nordic region, based on the benchmark beating performance of the DB Platinum IV CROCI Euro fund over the past three years.

“It is always gratifying to receive public recognition for our funds,” said Manfred Schraepler, head of Fund Structuring at Deutsche Bank, “and we are very pleased with the Lipper awards, but we also know that the true measure of success in this business is sales. The 33% net inflows reveal that our equity funds have had a successful start to 2009. We believe that investors are still seeking genuine alpha generation and the inflows into our CROCI funds to date demonstrate that. We now have over EUR 1.3 billion of assets invested in equity funds using the CROCI research model.”

CROCI is a proprietary research methodology developed by Deutsche Bank and used since 1996 which, through a series of adjustments to traditional financial data, particularly with respect to the replacement value of companies’ assets, seeks to make valuation comparisons on a consistent basis, resulting in an effective and efficient stock selection process.

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