April 24, 2012

Deutsche Bank’s dbSelect platform to add SSgA currency strategies

Deutsche Bank today announced that leading institutional asset manager State Street Global Advisors (SSgA) has launched two currency investment strategies on dbSelect, its platform for accessing liquid hedge fund strategies.

The move allows investors to access SSgA’s Developed Markets Currency and Emerging Markets Currency strategies in a transparent, liquid and efficient manner through Deutsche Bank’s dbSelect platform. Managed investment platforms allow hedge fund managers to offer multiple ways of accessing investment strategies, whilst reducing counterparty risk and increasing liquidity for investors.

SSgA has extensive experience in evaluating currency markets through active and passive currency management. SSgA’s Developed Markets Currency and Emerging Markets Currency strategies target returns from trading currencies using a proprietary quantitative investment process. Target volatility is 15 percent in normal market conditions.

Deutsche Bank is the largest provider of managed accounts with over $12bn in assets under management (AuM).

Hans Jacob Feder, Head of dbSelect at Deutsche Bank, said: “State Street Global Advisors has a strong pedigree in currency investment, and this latest move represents an important addition to the hedge fund strategies available on dbSelect. Investors and managers continue to be attracted to the significant transparency and liquidity benefits provided by the managed accounts structure.”

Collin Crownover, Senior Managing Director and Head of Currency Management at State Street Global Advisors added: “We are pleased to offer investors an efficient way to access our currency alpha strategies via Deutsche Bank’s advanced dbSelect platform, which will help extend the reach of these strategies to a new investor base.”

dbSelect is Deutsche Bank’s platform for accessing liquid hedge fund strategies, such as managed futures, CTAs, currency, global macro, volatility arbitrage and commodity strategies. With more than 150 hedge fund programs to choose from, daily liquidity and a highly efficient cost structure, dbSelect has attracted more than $5bn in assets under management from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, private banks and insurance companies.

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