October 21, 2009

Deutsche Bank unveils an environmentally and socially responsible booth at EuroFinance 2009 Conference

Deutsche Bank today announced that its Global Transaction Banking business has once again endorsed the Bank’s overall commitment to minimize its carbon footprint by developing an environmentally and socially responsible conference booth at EuroFinance’s International Cash and Treasury Management conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

The Bank has furthered this goal by being completely carbon neutral at the EuroFinance event.  The building and design concept of this year’s EuroFinance booth takes into account both environmental and social responsibility.

Environmental responsibility: Prefabricated, frameless light weight modular materials were used to reduce transport space and weight, significantly reducing the carbon footprint in transportation.  Recyclable and reusable materials were used for the booth which following the conference will be stored for future use.  Reduction of energy consumption was a top priority when choosing the stand’s technical equipment.  Additionally, Deutsche Bank’s booth is paperless, with touch screens on “Tablet-PCs” that allow clients to easily access digital versions of presentations, brochures, articles, press releases and videos.  A Deutsche Bank representative will ensure that the information that clients request is sent to them via email.

Social responsibility: Materials and elements were assessed for their origin, production, trade routes and practices, etc.  The Bank looked to source from fair trade suppliers using manufacturing processes that were ecologically, socially and culturally responsible.  To offset the carbon footprint, Deutsche Bank will make a donation to support the installation and operation of a small hydro power plant in Brazil, displacing the need for a fossil-fuel based thermal plant while improving the supply of electricity with clean, renewable hydroelectric power.

Werner Steinmueller, Head of Global Transaction Banking and member of the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank, said, “We are proud to be one of the institutions taking the lead in supporting environmental conservation and social responsibility.  Our socially-, ethically- and ecologically-responsible approach will continue to be applied to the design of our booth as well as the many other areas in which we are concentrating our sustainable efforts.  We believe sustainability means future viability.”

For further information, please call:

Libby Young
Deutsche Bank
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