September 17, 2007

New report by Deutsche Bank highlights high conviction Equity Market Opportunities

Deutsche Bank today released a set of four research reports highlighting the highest conviction equity market opportunities it sees globally among the companies it covers. Entitled “Turbulent Markets, Equity Opportunities”, the reports highlight 117 opportunities from the 3100 companies covered by Deutsche Bank’s research analysts, with particular emphasis on companies that Deutsche Bank’s research team believe can outperform irrespective of overall market conditions.

“At first glance, the global economic and financial outlook is clouded by a high degree of uncertainty, in which equity market investors could be forgiven for being tempted by a strategy of wait-and-see”, said Global Head of Company Research Guy Ashton and Global Head of Equity Strategies Stuart Parkinson in their introduction to the reports. “But where there are risks, so there are opportunities”, they added.

Among the opportunities it sees in developed markets (Europe, North America & Japan), Deutsche Bank’s analysts highlighted companies with strong cash flow, limited exposure to discretionary consumer spending, and significant Emerging Markets market presence.

In other markets (including Asia), Deutsche Bank highlighted local banks with limited exposure to global capital markets and where the local penetration of financial services is rising. It also likes a number of companies with a heavy exposure to domestic consumption and infrastructure in these markets.

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