Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance, part of the Corporate Banking & Securities division, offers a full range of investment banking products and services to medium-sized and large corporations, financial institutions, public and private agencies, hedge funds and private equity funds. Corporate Finance has always played a leading role in the financial industry, providing integrated advisory services for mergers and acquisitions and restructuring operations, as well as following equity and debt securities transactions and providing assistance with extraordinary finance operations.

To ensure a top-level service, Deutsche Bank can rely on one of the main global debt and equity capital markets platforms, coupled with efficient risk management and an international distribution network. The highest levels of professionalism and outstanding industry expertise help the division to create, finance and deliver every complex operation they are entrusted with, always providing innovative solutions to their clients.

Sector specialists

Being part of a large group allows the Corporate Finance division to apply a global range of actions to local and regional operations in each sector. Dedicated teams work on innovative solutions to develop strategic ideas and achieve the best possible result for the client.

The business sectors are grouped into the following ten categories: Consumer; Financial Institutions; Financial Sponsors; Healthcare; Industrials; Media and Telecommunications; Natural Resources; Real Estate; Leisure and Technology. Each area is overseen by specialised professionals with in-depth experience in both financial advisory and transaction management. This structure enables a wealth of know-how to be leveraged and provides access to a global network.

Dedication and ability to focus on results are the strengths that, combined with the ability to identify the best market opportunities, generate innovative transactions for our clients.

A complete services package

All-round strategic consulting
Investment Banking Coverage & Advisory

One of the broadest offerings of equity-related solutions in the world
Capital Markets

Debt finance planned exclusively according to a range of client needs
Debt Finance



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