IBOR transition: Glossary

Below are acronyms and terms that are used in connection with IBOR transition:

  • €STR: Euro Short-term Rate
  • ACT: Association of Corporate Treasurers
  • BCBS: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
  • BMR: EU Benchmark Regulation
  • BOE: Bank of England
  • ECB: European Central Bank
  • EONIA: Euro Overnight Index Average
  • ESMA: European Securities and Markets Authority
  • EURIBOR: Euro Interbank Offered Rate
  • FCA: Financial Conduct Authority
  • FRNs: Floating Rate Notes
  • FSB: Financial Stability Board
  • FSMA: Financial Services and Markets Authority
  • G20: Group of 19 individual countries plus the European Union
  • IBORs: Interbank Offered Rates
  • ICE BA: ICE Benchmark Administration Ltd
  • ICE: Intercontinental Exchange
  • IOSCO: International Organization of Securities Commissions
  • ISDA: International Swaps and Derivatives Association
  • LDI: Liability Driven Investment
  • LIBOR: London Interbank Offered Rate
  • LMA: Loan Market Association
  • NWG: National Working Group
  • OIS: Overnight Indexed Swap
  • OSSG: Official Sector Steering Group
  • P&L: Profit and Loss
  • PRA: Prudential Regulation Authority
  • RFR: Risk Free Reference Rate
  • SARON: Swiss Average Rate Overnight
  • SOFR: Secured Overnight Financing Rate
  • SONIA: Sterling Overnight Index Average
  • TONAR: Tokyo Overnight Average Rate
  • TSRR: Term SONIA Reference Rate
IBOR transition IBOR transition

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