News April 24, 2018

11 questions to see if blockchain is right for a business

From resolving financial inequality, to providing IDs for refugees and enabling people to sell their homes without a real estate agent, blockchain technology has been proposed as a solution for a wide range of real world challenges.

Cutting through the hype, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has issued a simple 11 step guide for businesses to assess whether blockchain could work for them. The guide was jointly created by the WEF’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Global Future Council on Blockchain.

JP Rangaswami, Chief Data Officer and Group Head of Innovation, was one of four co-authors of the guide and sits on the Blockchain Council. “These 11 questions were developed and then trialled with chief executive officers at a workshop at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018. The test group included C-suite executives from large corporations, most of whom said they were actively considering adopting blockchain technology in some manner.”

Read the press release on the World Economic Forum website.
Read the op-ed piece on the guide.
View the 11 step guide.

In January this year, Deutsche Bank became the latest member of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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