News September 26, 2018


Ask Amy, Julian and Marcus what your data is worth

“My data really is worth a lot.” Many people are just beginning to grasp this fact, even if they are unable to estimate the precise value of their data. It’s no wonder they would like to retain or regain control of their data and they want to know who is doing what with this data and why.

So users of our new Scrollytelling site are invited to chat to avatars Amy, Julian and Marcus about the value of data in the Big Data era; the opportunities for private and business clients to use their bank data for their own ends; about data sovereignty, data privacy and data security – and about how banks handle data differently to the internet giants.

The three fictitious characters reflect the views of our diverse clientele and ask important, critical questions – and our experts provide the answers.

René W. Keller, Deutsche Bank Head of Data and Innovation, puts it in a nutshell: “For a bank it's all about trust. Clients entrust us with their money. They entrust us with their personal information. So we have to handle their data with the utmost care.”

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