News November 5, 2018

US midterm elections poised to impact trade, tariffs and markets

This week’s US midterm elections will impact trade, tariffs and markets, Christian Nolting, Chief Investment Officer for Deutsche Bank Wealth Management, told CNBC while guest hosting its flagship Squawk Box show in Europe on Monday.

If the Democrats win a majority in the US House of Representatives, “there could be some negotiation going on which is positive for trade,” Nolting said. If the Republicans maintain their majority, trade disputes and tariffs may increase, he said.

The US markets are poised to react to either scenario and “lots of markets have quite a high beta to this, so I think it’s an important topic” for international investors, Nolting said.

Regardless of the election results, “what will probably be discussed after the midterms is infrastructure investments and that’s something to really have a look at,” the CIO said.

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Nolting on CNBC

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