Blurred lines: how Fintechs are changing the future of the financial industry

Fintechs have become an important player in the financial industry. What form does the cooperation between banks and Fintechs take? Ramin Niroumand, founder and CEO of finleap, with an assessment from the fintech scene.

Video Story: Blurred lines- how Fintechs are changing the future of the financial industry

Anyone who thinks that Fintechs are only small marginal figures in the banks' big playground is wrong. That’s what Ramin Niroumand thinks, anyway. The founder and CEO of finleap from Berlin even goes one step further:

“I have never really differentiated between Fintechs and banks. For me, this is one industry, the financial service industry.

A current example from China shows just how much potential and interest there is in Fintechs – Ant Group, operator of the payment service Alipay, could eventually become the largest IPO in history. And China is not alone. The pandemic has supercharged activity elsewhere. Alongside the surge in global e-commerce and remote working there has been an accompanying boom in digital payments, which jumped 52 percent at Venmo, an American network, compared with the number from last year, as reported by The Economist in October.

According to finleap's founder, Fintechs are the reason why the financial sector has become interesting again. Previously, banks had lacked the courage to break new ground, he says. Together, they now have the chance to shape the digital future.

About Ramin Niroumand and finleap

Ramin Niroumand is founder and CEO of finleap – the leading Fintech ecosystem in Europe. In his role, he is responsible for strategy, communications and group development among other things. Acting as an active sparring partner and shareholder for finleap’s numerous founding teams, Niroumand is forging an ecosystem of leading Fin- and Insurtechs. Built on one vision: making finance 100% digital.

finleap is based in Berlin with offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Madrid and Paris. Since its foundation in 2014, finleap has developed 17 ventures and added others to its ecosystem through acquisition. The finleap group employs over 1,300 people from 80 nations.

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Banks or fintechs: who will be shaping the future of the financial industry?

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