Dossier #6: Reaching the next level

What does it take to make bold moves in business?

Lilium jet

Bold moves have always helped mankind to make progress and they could be even more important in the future. In this dossier we investigate what inventive entrepreneurs need in order to make bold decisions

What bold movers need What bold movers need

Entrepreneurial Success | Video-Story

Fundamentally changing a business Tomatoes made in Italy – still a promising business idea?

For Francesco Mutti, tomatoes are a family matter: he is the fourth generation to run Mutti Tomatoes, a Parma-based company founded in 1899.

Fundamentally changing a business Fundamentally changing a business

Entrepreneurial Success | Story

Finding the right investor “We invest in technologies of the future“

From nuclear energy to air taxis: founder and investor Lukasz Gadowski has exceptional innovative vision. Since his experience in exiting the social network StudiVZ, he no longer focuses on quick profits - but on long-term, bold ideas that really change things.

Finding the right investor Finding the right investor

Entrepreneurial Success | Opinion

Where to get the money from No money, no moonshot – how bold moves could be financed

Courageous entrepreneurs have always ensured progress – especially when they were willing to take risks. In this article three experts describe how risky projects could be financed.

Where to get the money from Where to get the money from

Entrepreneurial Success | Story

Travel into the unknown “We’re venturing into uncharted territory”

Electric jets could change the way we travel – and play a key role in the green mobility revolution. But will they really work? Lilium founder Daniel Wiegand talks to us about the start-up’s vision and when it expects the first commercial flights to start.

Travel into the unknown Travel into the unknown

Entrepreneurial Success | Opinion

Organizational culture as enabler “Being on autopilot in business is dangerous”

Harvard Business School Professor, Sunil Gupta has spent over a decade researching change within business across a broad spectrum of industries. What does he see as the key ingredients needed to make bold moves within business?

Organizational culture as enabler Organizational culture as enabler

Entrepreneurial Success | Crisp & Short

It’s all about readiness Making bold moves in the digital age

Artificial intelligence and AI-based technologies especially are turning entire industries upside down. Those who want to be among tomorrow’s players must set the course today. Here, we shine a light on the most important points to consider.

It’s all about readiness It’s all about readiness
Seren Chen

Entrepreneurial Success | Insights

It’s a lot about trust Believing in a bold company – what makes experts trust in an idea

Convincing investors and the public of a bold business idea is not always easy. We asked experts from different fields what they are looking for when entrepreneurs approach them with their idea for a bold move.

It’s a lot about trust It’s a lot about trust

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